Professor John Nacey MB ChB  Otago, MBA, MD (Otago), FRACS 



What we do

Urologists are specialist surgeons who deal with problems and abnormalities of the urinary tract in men and women, and the genital tract in men. Our work therefore involves the kidneys and bladder, and the prostate, testes and penis in men. Most patients are referred to us with signs and symptoms of underlying problems, such as blood in the urine, kidney or bladder pain, and difficulty passing urine or urinary incontinence. Occasionally the referring general practitioner will have already found the underlying cause of the problem in which case we may need to arrange further investigations before deciding on appropriate treatment. In many cases our patients are clinically very well but have have a particular request for a procedure such as vasectomy or vasectomy reversal, or perhaps a check for prostate cancer. 

Your first visit

For your first visit allow about 45 minutes. It's really helpful to bring a list of medications and any documentation you have of previous medical problems. We will have received a referral letter from your general practitioner or other specialist if they are asking us to see you for a second opinion. Most blood test and x-ray results are available to us digitally and we can view your scans and x-rays on the web. If you have private health insurance it's good to know who your insurer is and what your policy covers.

What if you need surgery

Our major surgery is carried out at either Southern Cross Hospital or Wakefield Hospital in Wellington. They are the largest and best equipped hospitals in Wellington for the type of surgery we perform. Some minor procedures, such as vasectomy and urine flow studies, are carried out at our practice. If you need surgery we make the necessary bookings with the hospital and can assist you with any supporting documentation for your insurance. We can also arrange for you to visit the hospital in advance if you want to see first hand what it's like.